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About DHQ

We Do Things That Matters

From informative and authoritative articles to stunning photo galleries, as well as branded video, infographics, and other online marketing materials.

As creative professionals, we’ll showcase the moving stories of your brands through our appealing banners, videos and photos that will hook your audience.

We deliver a clear and consistent message that will boost the base of your followers throughout your brand’s social media channels.

We help your business stand out with search engine optimization and further boost your discoverability with both organic and online ads with pay-per-click initiatives.

DHQ Digital Marketing


A top-tier digital marketing agency in the Philippines focused on developing innovative marketing strategies that automate business conversations, increase customer reach and improve user interactions



DHQ Digital Marketing


Generate consistent deal flows by continuously building good relationships with partners and networks within the industry.

Reach every startups and SME’s expectations by providing innovative digital solutions gearing towards quantifiable conversion and increased sales.

Offers endless growth opportunity and empowerment to every workforce that will help them be competent in diverse aspect on digital solutions.

Wise up people on the importance of digital innovation by engaging entrepreneurs and young professionals to valuable training and seminars.

Lalaine Ardina

Corporate Brand Strategist

Laengel Tongol

Digital Technologist

Crestina De Ocampo

Graphic Designer

Rica Valderama

Content Writer